Selling is really a Puzzle

A couple of days ago I acquired from your advertiser a purchase for any solo ad. I just read the ad after which I visited the client’s link to become certain it really works and to determine the website landing page. You know what? The website landing page contained only a registration form enabling you to register and join this program the advertiser promoted. An average mistake many online marketing newbies make: getting a bit in the whole puzzle and expecting something to work fine.

Any simple selling process includes these 3 big steps – within this order:

Step One – Advertise of the product

The aim of the advert would be to grab readers/viewer’s attention making her/him go to your website. However, no advert can contain all the details someone may require before you take a decision. This is exactly why when the prospect arrived in your website the next phase ALWAYS needs to be …

Step Two – Show towards the prospect a complete & obvious presentation of the offer

Having seen the sale, the customer might or might not have a decision. This decision depends upon many variables. However, when the prospect is able to buy, then you’ve to assist her/him …

Step Three – Lead the client (using your salesletter) towards the payment button (or payment link). The payment point needs to be right underneath the customer’s nose.

Now remember these apparent steps. If step two is missing or steps 2 and three are the other way round, do you know what! You do not know? Browse around you! Should you enter a footwear store, you do not expect anybody to request you to pay BEFORE seeing the footwear, would you? However, when the seller will it, you simply leave the shop angry and tell all of your buddies what went down for you. A possible nightmare for your seller, right? You won’t want to maintain his footwear, would you?

Conclusion: The selling process is sort of a puzzle. If a person little piece isn’t instead, you will not sell unless of course you are lucky. Whenever you fail, don’t blame that little piece, don’t blame another pieces, don’t blame the puzzle. Do something and set the best piece in the best place.